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Nathan O'Connor 207C Ag-Science Building  


(715) 425-4759

UWRF Animal and Food Science Department




The UWRF Colts in Training program was founded in 1972 by renowned horseman Jack Brainard along with Jim Dollahon. During its early years, the Colts in Training class yielded successful results in developing both the young stock and students. 


In 1976, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls began opening its doors each spring for an annual Colts in Training Sale. During the sale, buyers are granted a rare opportunity to confidently purchase a well started, quality stock horse in a trusted atmosphere.


For many years, students worked under the instruction and guidance of Larry Kasten. Kasten strived towards further development of the training program and is a lifelong equine industry professional. After his successful development of the program over many years, Nathan O’Connor was selected to take Kasten’s place upon retirement. 




Nathan O’Connor is an accomplished horseman. He has many years of experience in producing, training, and showing horses. His accomplishments and experience in the equine industry are valuable to students as they grow under his guidance throughout the semester. Students enrolled in the program are responsible for the care, training and marketing of their assigned colt throughout the progression of the semester. It is a unique opportunity that few would be granted without the college offering such a course.


Students develop a solid fundamental understanding of how to handle young horses in a safe and professional manner. As a result of the programs solid foundation and huge success, it continues to prove itself as the top and first program of its kind in the country. Renowned breeders send their young stock to the program. The combination of quality livestock and expert guidance allows students to produce high-end prospects by the end of the semester. Both local and international buyers are satisfied, and students gain lasting knowledge of the training and marketing industry.


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